v     Properties that are sold at the May Tax Sale are delinquent in their taxes for at least a 5-year period.  Interest is charged at the targeted federal funds rate plus 6% until paid.

v     Date, time and location of tax sale:  The tax sale is held in the morning at 10:00 a.m., during the 3rd or 4th week of May.  The sale is held at the Rich County Courthouse located at 20 South Main Street in Randolph, Utah.       

v     The tax sale is advertised four (4) weeks prior to the tax sale in the News Examiner, published in Montpelier, Idaho.

v     The bid for properties starts at the amount of taxes and interest owing, and continues upward until there is only one person left bidding.

v     There is no registration for the tax sale.

v     Payment must be made with cash or with a cashier’s check.  Payment in full is required the day of the sale.

v     There is no county financing available.

v     A Tax Sale Deed is given the day of the sale.

v     There is no redemption period.  However, there may be other liens that we are not aware of.  This could be checked with a title company.

v     Properties can be redeemed any time prior to the sale.  For an update on properties that have been redeemed, call 435-793-5155, Rich County Treasurer’s Office.

v     Our tax sale list is available beginning Apr. 15th at our web site address: