Rich County Treasurer

Rich County Treasurer LouJean Argyle

LouJean Argyle

P.O. Box 186
Randolph, UT 84064
Ph. (435) 793-5155
Fax (435) 793-5156



Bills and collects all real property taxes, administers statutory tax relief programs, refunds tax overpayments, distributes all taxes collected to local tax entities, receipts, deposits, records, and invests all general fund money, balances county bank statements, assists the building inspector in secretarial duties.

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The 2016 Tax Notices will change to the new parcel number format.  There will be an addition of two "0"s added to the existing parcel numbers.  Example:  12-34-56-789 will change to 12-34-560-0789. 


These new parcel numbers will be on all property tax information from now on.  Please note if you make payments from bill pay or online that the parcel number will need to be changed.  Parcel numbers are required with all types of payment!  Failure to include the parcel number may result in the payment being returned.


Tax Forms and Documents


2018 May Tax Sale Listing

Tax Sale Information

Property Tax Abatement Notice

Application For Rich County Short Term Rental Business License (PDF)

Rich County Short Term Rental Ordinance (PDF)